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Registration Form (PDF)
(all registrants are required to read and sign this form as part of their completed registration.)

    Monday through Friday,
    10am to 5pm
    Call 819-827-1009
  • MAIL
    Mail completed registration and include deposit or registration fee indicated on the Registration Form
    Email completed registration and mail deposit or registration fee indicated on the Registration Form

We accept:
Cheque or Money Order

Surprise your favorite photographer with a gift from our Workshop/Tours offerings or a special one-on-one session with a master photographer. We can customize the gift of your choosing. Gift certificates are available in the amount that fits and can be purchased by calling The Studio at 819 827-1009 or via email

Please call before December 15th, 2011 to insure timely delivery.

Sunset at Meech Lake, Gatineau Park

Registration Details

Fee Notes:
  • Registration Fee for the SAH3, SAW26 & FCO3 is payable in full upon registration, $393.75 CAD, CFT22 & CFT30, $194.25 CAD.

Wait list:

  • If a tour is full proceed with registration and you will be placed on a wait list. If you are not successful all monies received are totally refunded.
Cancellation and refund policy

We rely on your registration to make necessary arrangements for the workshops, so we count on you to attend. If you must withdraw please request a refund in writing (postmarked on or before 60 days prior to start of workshop)

We provide this cancellation policy
  • Cancel by 60 days prior to start of workshop and we will refund all monies less the registration fee of $75
  • No refunds will be considered less than 60 days prior to start of workshop
  • No refund of any fees will be considered for withdrawal after the workshop has begun
  • If William P. McElligott Photograpy Ltd. cancels a workshop for any reason all monies will be refunded or may be transferred to a future tour or workshop
  • There are NO exceptions to this cancellation policy
  • William P. McElligott Photograpy Ltd. is not responsible for refunds due to illness, emergencies or events beyond our control or of nonrefundable airline tickets due to cancellation of a workshop.
Transfers of workshops
  • Requests for transfers must be submitted in writing and postmarked on or before 60 days prior to start of workshop
  • Less than 60 days prior to the start of the workshop the cancellation and refund policies apply.
  • The workshop you transfer to must be completed within 12 months of withdrawal
  • You may make only one transfer from a workshop within a 12 month period
  • A transfer charge of $25 will apply. We reserve the right to allow or disallow any transfer.
  • As a part of the registration procedure you will be required to read, and sign an agreement releasing William P. McElligott Photography Ltd., or any of our agents, from any indemnity for damages to your person or property whilst on a workshop.
  • William P. McElligott Photography Ltd., or any of our agents cannot be held responsible for medical emergencies, ill health of an applicant or reimbursement of nonrefundable airline tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation
Smoking policy
  • There is no smoking whilst on any workshop activity or meal is in session
  • Breaks will be provided for those who wish to smoke
  • No smoking applies to shared room accommodation