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A Portrait of Canada's Parliament
Published April 2021 by ECW Press

William P. McElligott is an award-winning architectural photographer and author whose work has spanned four decades. A Portrait of Canada’s Parliament is his third coffee-table book about Canada’s capital region. His two previous books, Ottawa Canada and Ottawa II Canada have both become bestsellers. He continues to share his passion and love for photography with us.

The Centre Block, the iconic parliament building that has come to be Canada’s foremost representation, was closed in 2019 and will remain closed for at least a decade for a complete renovation and restoration. During that time, hundreds of thousands of Canadians and visitors to Canada will miss the opportunity to tour the building and view its architecture and symbolic artwork.

With original photographs from noted architectural photographer William P. McElligott, historical images, and thematic articles written by established subject specialists, A Portrait of Canada’s Parliament/Un Portrait du Parlement du Canada provides a contemporary look into one of the nation’s greatest symbols. This gorgeous volume, presented in English and French, will be treasured by all those with an interest in Canada’s architectural and parliamentary history.

Published 2016

The newest in a series by, the award-winning photographer and author of Canadian Best Seller OTTAWA CANADA book, William P. McElligott. A 200-page full-colour coffee table book featuring History, Culture & Sport of Ottawa through photographs and text about it's Past, Present & Future.

Just in time to celebrate Ottawa's place in Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations, this ambitious project provides a glimpse into Ottawa's raucous, intriguing past through iconic historic images and narrative while Ottawa's present and future shines with Willie's matchless award winning photography captured from vantage points to which only a select few are allowed access.

This 11" x 11" full-colour coffee-table photography book with take your through the key history that helped form the Ottawa we know today and how we will move into the future.

Published 2011

This is the first in the series by William P. McElligott. A full-colour photography book which celebrates Ottawa throughout it's amazing four, very different, seasons.

Enjoy the same contents no matter which, stunningly iconic cover photo you choose: The Peace Tower or the Shaw Centre/Chateau Laurier.

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